CRM Implementation Service

Interested in CRM, but not sure where to start?

As a small or medium sized businesses, you can win more sales in less time from us helping you adopt customer relationship management.

Our business analyst led approach means we are totally focused on your requirements. Being software vendor neutral allows us to improve the way you do things with the help of CRM, rather than being led by the software. 

Our CRM implementation service includes:

- Advice on the right system for your business, minimising the need for expensive programming by keeping things simple.

- Identifying the best ways of using CRM by setting it up to fit your terminology, processes and other business systems. This will enhance the way you do business development to save you time, better understand your customers and so achieve more orders. We will maximise your benefits from CRM to achieve a higher return on your investment.

- Specialist help with your CRM implementation project as and when needed. With no need for specialist recruitment and our low overheads; we provide a cost effective service.

- Managing the whole installation and change process. Our fast and low risk service saves you hassle, time and money.

- De-mystifying CRM through knowledge transfer. Training your sales team on how to use CRM effectively, adapt and benefit from the new way of working. 


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